Thursday, December 13, 2012

I apologize for my absence!

I only have a small time span in which I can record, and seeing how it get's pretty loud during the day with people currently working on our house, it tends to lead to me being unable to make videos. So during this time, my videos might sometimes be delayed anywhere from a few hours to a few days. I'll try my best to pre-record & get them uploaded ASAP though! I just really wanted to let you know that's how it's going to be for a little.

I can't make videos the majority of the day because I am usually out & about or around people. I don't feel comfortable enough to record when others are near, and I don't want them to think of me as rude if I were to do so. I record when I'm alone and it is noise free. I used to make videos in the morning, but if I did that now, I would have to speak softly so I don't wake anyone up. Also (on a personal note), I have anxiety & need a good break during the day or I won't sound myself in a video. I think that is a main reason why it gets difficult to make them sometimes, but I will save that topic for later.

I will be soundproofing my room in the near future, so that will make a huge difference with making videos. I'll be able to record in the mornings! Also, for my Minecraft series, that will happen probably after one of my series ends. Not entirely sure when that will be though.

News on my craft/beauty channel (nic0lekA) It was just partnered & I can now add awesome royalty free music in my videos! I'm so excited, I have so many ideas swimming around in my little skull right now ♥ I do have to wait until the workers are done, because we stored a ton of stuff in my craft area, so that needs to be cleared out before I can make anything.

Thank you to all of my lovely, patient subscribers for understanding! Don't worry, no series are going to be canceled or anything :p Have a great day, everyone. Oh, and...

Thank you for 5,000+ 
awesome subscribers!

You all freaking rock! I'll be having a contest maybe in one of the first few months of 2013 :) Talk to you all later ♥