Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Scenery from 2012 ♥

This year I found out about Instagram and went wild with random photos. For this post, I decided to choose my favorite scenery shots straight from my Instagram feed, which you may have also seen if you follow my Twitter. They're all the same square shape (which I adore for some reason) & filtered using the app's own filters, making them extra lovely. I have always been into photography, but the app has made this hobby of mine a lot more fun! Click each photo for a closer look:


More info about them:

1: This was when my bf, his sister, & myself went to the beach last summer (Corona Del Mar). I was standing around in the water with an iron grip on my iPhone, just so I could take some pictures. You can tell it gets pretty busy during summertime, of course haha

2: After Ryan & I purchased Disneyland passes, we went straight into California Adventure. This is the roller coaster & Ferris wheel that were just waiting to be photographed. The natural sunbeams added the perfect touch. I think it turned out looking like a postcard ♥

3: The 3 amigos again, along with some friends, went to a lake for the weekend. It was my first time doing anything like that (staying away from home with a bunch of other people) & I believe this is from the first day at sunset. I can't help but stop & look at it when I'm going through my albums.

4: I was itching to get a shot of the gorgeous mountains that are visible when the sky is clear. Since I had my new & amazing Nikon D5100, my 55-300mm lens, & a tripod, I went out to get a shot before it missed my chance. It isn't completely focused on the mountains, but it sure looks beautiful!

I will be doing a lot more blog posts like this in the future, this was very fun to put together ^-^