Friday, August 9, 2013

♦ TS3 Pregnant Loop Glitch: Fixed

As some of you know, I ran into thee strangest glitch where my sim gives birth nonstop (view it here at 8:30). Luckily I've found a solution after a few hours of trying out different methods. It ended up being super simple :)

Step 1: Exit the game, either manually or in between births. You will lose any progress you didn't save.
Step 2: This might be optional, but I did it: Clear all of your caches & the delete everything in the DCBackup folder.
Step 3: Load the game & open the save with the glitch.
Step 4: Go into Edit Town & change your Active Family to another random one.
Step 5: Wait until the pregnant sim has finished giving birth & finally has the baby.
Step 6: Go into Edit Town once more & change the Active Family back to the original one, then start playing.
Step 7: Change the child's name (City Hall) & traits (testingcheatsenabled true) if you'd like, & enjoy! :D