Wednesday, April 9, 2014

♦ Current Household #9 CAS Info

All of the download links are in the description of this video.

For store content, they will be clickable links, taking you to the item or set it is in. If it is not listed, it is from the base game.

hair - store content
everyday - top: store content, bottom: Island Paradise
formal - top: Late Night, bottom: Supernatural, shoes: Late Night
sleep - top: bottom: Master Suite
outer - top: Diesel, bottom: Diesel

hair - store content
everyday - outfit: store content, shoes: University Life
formal - outfit: Late Night, shoes: Fast Lane
sleep - top: Late Night
athletic - top: University Life, bottom: University Life
swim - top: store content, bottom: store content
outer - top: store content

hair - University Life
everyday - top: University Life, bottom: University Life
sleep - top: University Life
outer - top: Generations

everyday - top: Island Paradise, bottom: store content
formal - outfit: Showtime
swim - Into The Future
outer - top: store content