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The Sims 4

My Downloads
At the moment, I'm only uploading to The Sims 4 Gallery. My username is nic0lekA

Mods & CC I use
No Friendship Decay:
Tab Mode Camera:
SV Backdrop:
*This is what I use when I take screenshots of sims for thumbnails.

The Sims 3

My Downloads
These are all also in my Sims 3 Studio with pictures

CAS Worlds
Create Fast:
Quick Loading Town:

Individual Sims
Dani Storm:
Farrah Lynnwood:
Claire Burke:
Nicole K:
Jannie Stark:
Triss Marin:
Fernin Chance:
Maria Shadow:
Luke Halbrid:
Jenny Zane:
Dustin Sky:
Jasmine Horis:
Skylar Mars:

Into The Future {ending}:
Island Paradise {Kara + Family}:
Island Paradise {Erick + Family}:
Island Paradise {Alice + Family}:
Into The Future {beginning}:
Midnight Hollow {beginning}:
University Life {ending}:
Island Paradise {beginning}:
Seasons {Scott + family}:
Seasons {ending}:
University Life {beginning}:
Supernatural {ending}:
Seasons {beginning}:
Late Night {ending}:
Supernatural {beginning}:
Showtime {ending}:
My Models:
Level 10 Singer, Acrobat, & Magician:

Current Households
#13 pt. 2 Island Life + House:
#13 pt. 1 Island Life:
#11 pt. 2 Dreamers + House:
#11 pt. 2 Dreamers:
#11 pt. 1 Dreamers + House:
#11 pt. 1 Dreamers:
#10 Supernaturals + House:
#10 Supernaturals:
#9 Simple Life + House:
#9 Simple Life:
#8 Nightlife Home:
#8 Nightlife {ending}:
#8 Nightlife {beginning}:
#7 Time Travelers + House:
#7 Time Travelers:
#6 Resort Life + House:
#6 Resort Life:
#5 The Scholars + House:
#5 The Scholars:
#4 Snowy Sunshine + House:
#4 Snowy Sunshine {beginning}:
#3 Simple Harlows:
#2 One Hectic Family:
#1 SimPort Household:

Heavenly Blue:
Into The Future LP House 11/26/13:
Island Paradise House:
University Life LP Dorm:
Island Paradise LP Houseboat:
Remodeled Base Game:
Seasons LP House 5/13/13:
Seasons LP House 2/25/13:
Supernatural LP House 2/18/13:
Seasonal Bungalo by TheSims3CreatorMan
Plum Perfection:
Supernatural LP 10/29/12:
Remodeled Bridgeport:
Remodeled Generations:
Small Starter Home:
74 Sunlight Road:

The Quill Cabana [final]:
The Quill Cabana:

Recolors, patterns, etc.
Autumn's Wallpaper:
Pure Platinum:
An asterisk (*) means I currently use them in-game &/or in my LPs. Sometimes I use Overwatch, Master Controller, Pose Player, OMSP, Toddler stand in CAS, & Add Lost Size, but I do not keep them installed if I don't need them. For, you will need an account to download them.

Add Lot Size:

Default Replacement
* Eyes:
* Skin:

Cakes for the Seasons:
Caramel, Strawberry, Chocolate:

True Blood
Tru Blood Beverage:
- I keep the shirt she's packaged with, its cool :)
extra Bon Temps houses & a placement map for Twinbrook:

* Bella's hair {hair I use on my simself}: #334

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