Saturday, May 23, 2015

♦ The Sims 4 - My Opinion + Let's Create!

I wanted to make a video telling you all about The Sims 4, & exactly how I felt / feel about it. From the moment it was announced, to the most recent moment mentioned, I just wanted to share my completely honest opinion with you. Some of you might even agree with me, or at least a little :)

If you're not interested in my opinion, I did create a sim in the background of the video that you might like:

• Musical Genius
• Muser (Bonus Trait) • Creative • Music Lover • Clumsy

About halfway through, I realized she ended looking very similar to Leela. So I decided to make her Leela's sister, hence why they have the same last name: Smart. Let's just pretend she's either her long-lost sister, or she's been on a very long, awesome vacation :D

My Sims 4 Username / Origin ID

Download Jessie Smart

Jessie & Leela
• Same issue as above ^